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New mods

Whiterun Archery Proshop - Dawnguard DLC versionWhiterun Archery Pro Shop - Non DLCSix6Star Studios Breezehome with Basement & Simple Crafting - FULL VersionIncendiary Arrows for Player and FollowersTown Walls of Skyrim

by Six6Star 

Essentially the same as the regular Archery Pro Shop except this version has the crossbows & Bolt...

by Six6Star 

This Mod adds a true Archery Pro Shop to the popular town of Whiterun. It has an NPC Merchant/Fol...

by Six6Star 

Breezehome redone with a basement, a story line, perks, crafting, weapons, spells and some new NPCs.

by Six6Star 

High Explosive Daedric based arrows with 2 power levels and several quantities. Craftable at the ...

by celethiel 

Mod that adds walls to the Hold capitals that don't have them, Falkreath, Dawnstar, and Morthal

Booze UsOdds and UrnsIn Your ShadowUnique Region Names - DragonbornDaedra Lair

by celethiel 

A mod to add the alchehol, potions, and ingredients mentioned or in game but unvailable to the pl...

by celethiel 

A Mod that Allows the player to pick up some items already in the game.

by Thingy Person 

Intelligent main quest stopper. Allows you to choose in-game whether you want to have the main qu...

by Thingy Person 

Overrides the "Solstheim" text displayed on your saves and interface with the region or town you'...

by Leodoidao 

A nordic ruin dungeon, overrun by the Daedra.

Medieval Fantasy ENBNo Quest ItemsUnique Region NamesPrimby VillageDoor Locker

by Timonier 

An ENB I'm mirroring here.

by trira 

Removes "Quest Object" flag from in-game items.

by Thingy Person 

Changes the generic "Skyrim" display name to one of many possible names depending on your current...

by Antiscamp 

Primby village is a small settlement between Riften and Windhelm, providing the player with a pla...

by trira 

Keys now work both ways!


Creation Kit Tutorial

Published: 2012-02-07 12:45:23

Bethesda has been gracious enough to give us a "beginners" Creation Kit tutorial video.  It just might be enough for some to get a good start using this behemoth of a game editor!

A Simple Skyrim Mod Rating System!

Published: 2011-11-23 21:03:08

We are pleased to announce that we have finished implementing our new (for lack of a better name) mod rating system!

Over the past year, we have done a lot of research trying to determine the ideal rating system.  We conducted polls in many different communities, talked with site admins and modders and mod users, and a lot more.  And while such things are highly subjective, we learned a lot about how to make a decent system.

1.  People *want* some way to know what others have thought about something before they download it.
2.  Simple numerical rating systems are far too easily skewed.  A 1-10 vote can too easily give a very low rating with one single low vote.
3.  Mod authors prefer something that is designed to be more positive.
4.  Trolls suck!

THoS has a simple answer to all of that: if you have downloaded a mod, you can mark that you "love" it, or delete it from your download history.  It's that simple!  If you don't download the mod, you can't affect the numbers in any way.  You can easily show that you really liked a mod, and if you don't like it you just remove it...no "thumbs down" or anything of the sort.


On the mod download page, the number of "hearts" and "deletes" are displayed, and the percentage of downloads from registered users that have given a heart or deleted the mod is shown.  Guests who are not logged in can download a mod, but don't affect these numbers in any way.

So if you are tired of overly complex mod rating systems, or tired of the trolls who make your hard work look trivial or no good, come host your mods at The Holds of Skyrim!

New Site and Skyrim Giveaway Winner!

Published: 2011-11-11 19:52:11

First things first: congratulations go out to Mark Newton! He was the winner of our drawing for a free copy of Skyrim!
We also hope you like our new site design. As you can see, we have changed our entire focus from simply bringing you news about Skyrim to giving you everything about Skyrim! The Holds of Skyrim is going to become the most innovative and complete Skyrim mod hosting site around! There is obviously still a lot to do, but all of the important stuff is going to be ready by launch day. So keep coming back, and we promise we'll make your game even more interesting than the first time you play it!

In the meantime, why don't you join our forums and get to know us a bit?