20 Sex Terms You Should Familiarize Yourself With In 2016

According to Urban Dictionary, there are a ton of sex terms we should know about, but don’t. So if you feel like a vernacular virgin concerning your own sexual lexicon, I’ve written a handy dictionary to target newly articulated sex terms that are predicted to become popular this year. At the very least, they’re funny and dirty.

Though I’ve taken liberties to provide my own definitions that more accurately describe these terms, this article is very much a collective piece based on what today’s young (but legal) sex-havers are using to describe acts that have either become prevalent due to dating apps (“Tinder food stamps,” for example), or acts so disgusting that you never believed a definition would be required (like “truffle butter”). You may not have asked for them, but here they are.

1. Powerballing

While there were two definitions for this term on Urban Dictionary, the more widespread is used to describe when a man gyrates his testicles while he’s doing his partner, providing a far superior sensation to sexual intercourse — or so I’ve heard. The other definition proves impossible, likening powerballing to “f*cking a chick so hard, your balls go in a chick’s ass.” This can’t be an actual thing, can it?

2. Truffle Butter

Made popular by Nicki Minaj with the release of a song of the same name, truffle butter occurs when a man switches from anal to vaginal intercourse, producing a brown, buttery substance — a combination of poo and ejaculate. Damn, Nicki! Just damn.

3. Side Chick

Side chick is millennial lexicon for “the other woman” or “mistress.” We’ve just made it sound more urban despite our/their millennial privilege.

4. F*ck Boy

Also spelled “F*ckboi” and “F*ccboi,” this man is the quintessential player who tries to get with every woman he sets his eyes on. Jayden Smith, for example.

5. Hotline Bling

Another term for “booty call” made popular by rapper/singer Drake.

6. Slampiece

An attractive person with whom you have no-strings sex. So a “f*ck buddy,” but way better looking.

7. Booty Grazing

The act of texting multiple people to confirm a hookup for that evening. Inquiries are usually along the lines of: “What are you up to tonight?” or “Want to meet up later?” All of which are obviously about sex, but never actually stated. The key, according to booty grazers themselves, is to keep these messages general, so they can be sent to as many people as possible with little to no editing.

8. Snatchchat

A person who uses Snapchat for sexual purposes. Either to flirt, or to send nude images. So all dudes who use Snapchat, really.

9. Moped

A term for the least attractive person you’re willing to sleep with. Like somebody who’s still only okay-looking after a 40 of whiskey.

10. Funch

A portmanteau of “f*ck” and “lunch,” which — understandably — translates to a quickie during lunchtime.

11. Dishonorable Discharge

When you’ve failed at picking up a woman that evening and retire to the bedroom to rub one out. Usually to Internet porn; tears may even serve as lube.

12. Dopplebanger

A person you’ve slept with just because they look like a celebrity.

13. Double Rainbow

Though this goes by many better names, a double rainbow is when a woman is double penetrated by a couple guys who I’m sure would prefer the other was female.

14. Vagina Funeral

When something turns a woman off so much that her vagina metaphorically dies.

15. Vogueing

When you’re having sex near a mirror or reflective surface and adjust your positioning to look better.

16. Tinder Food Stamps

When a person uses Tinder to get free meals from their dates. This person is either horrible, or a genius. You decide.

17. Sextual Relationship

When two people’s only form of intimacy is through sexting or the exchange of dirty photos.

18. Docking

The act of placing the head of one penis into the foreskin of another man’s penis. Yeah, you’re welcome.

19. Run Train

Another term for “gangbang.” Or, to partake in an orgy that usually includes one female and too many males.

20. THOT

An acronym for “that hoe over there.” I assume this is used to call out or describe a “hoe” who is standing at a distance.