The Greatest Twerk Butts On YouTube

No matter how you feel about that urban-inspired, erection-inducing phenomenon known as twerking, at least acknowledge it showcases some serious butt. That’s more than I can say for line dancing and the Macarena. Bear in mind, this is not a ranking of mere twerking ability — it’s a ranking of ass-ets, as well. May the best butt win. Let the twerk competition begin.

9. Jessica Vanessa

Video: Best of Jessica Vanessa Twerk

In 2014, Jessica Vanessa became the most famous twerker online. As of today, she has 2.8 million Vine followers and an ass that won’t quit. It has been reported that she earns six figures online bumping her fleshy backside. She is the first known “professional twerker” on planet Earth.

8. FraulesGirl

Video: Cool Back (New Twerkography)

Her name is Elena Yaktina, and she is a dancer and choreographer based in Russia. She has more than one million subscribers on YouTube. She heads the Fraules Dance Centre, where she presumably teaches other Siberian snow bunnies the art of flinging butt fat.

7. Malia Obama

Video: Obama’s Daughter Malia Twerks

We thought it apt to include this extra-special presidential twerk in the mix. Although not exactly fitting the criteria of a bulbous booty, Malia deserves recognition. During the same Lollapalooza trip, on August 11, she was also photographed smoking weed. Which means her childhood is officially over. Welcome to hell, Malia.

6. RedRose LaCubana

Video: Sexy Girl Twerking Booty Shaking Hot Model Big Butt Latina Dancer

Her Instagram is equally as charming as her video, in which she bounces her cheeks like they’re basketballs. For three whole minutes! As one commenter puts it, “Life isn’t fair.” RedRose’s ass appears to have a consistency similar to water balloons, allowing her to pull some innovative moves. Wait until she stands up at the 2:40 mark in the video. You’re welcome.

5. Ashley


Meet Larry. Larry is a YouTube personality who films videos with his girlfriend Ashley. In June, they produced a video featuring Ashley’s strange addiction — twerking. In it, she hilariously addresses her “problem.” Larry seems to take no issue with her “problem,” and we can’t blame him. Ashley is packing serious ham.

Though meant to be funny, Ashley, if she is ever inclined to do so, could became a twerk star like all those other suburban white chicks you see on the weird part of YouTube.

4. Twerk Team

Video: Pay Me

This duo, made up of Lady L and Mizz Twerksum, basically pioneered twerking into existence. The videos on their channel date back to long before twerking was cool. Known for their athletic prowess (their legs could bust a pineapple), their butts could certainly double as inflatable suicide prevention mats if necessary.

3. Mandy Kay

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Mandy Kay isn’t just highly skilled in the art of twerk. The 19-year-old stunner has a bright future ahead of her. Whether that future entails being on the front page of RedTube or no, she’s going places. Just check out her Instagram and personal website (both, but especially the latter, not exactly SFW).

2. Vida Guerra

Video: Sexy Twerk Christmas Special

Vida Guerra came to international prominence in 2002 after she revealed that tan, voluminous Cuban ass for the world to behold. Right before her 40th birthday, she released a twerking video on Christmas Day of 2013. It’s terribly good. She doesn’t look a day over 30. NSFW — unless you’re in the bathroom. Creep.

1. Lexy Panterra

Video: Lean On

There is so much meat on the backside of Lexy Panterra that one could open a deli shop using slabs from her luscious hindquarters. All she has to do is gently shake her leg and it sends oceanic ripples of flesh jelly from one side to the next.

Her real name is Alexis Liela Afshar, and she is the daughter of professional motocross racer Tony Panterra. Her channel, Lex Twerkout, has over 1.1 million subscribers. She is a 10 in the white girl booty department.