Only In Florida Can An Old Lady Be Attacked By A Rabid Otter

Photo: Cameron Rutt (Getty)

What the hell is in the water in Florida? There has to be an explanation as to why people and animals in that area are completely bonkers. Not only are bears mauling the hell out of Floridians, but now otters, who are supposed to be cute and innocent, are attacking old women.

Sue Spector, a 77-year-old kayaker, was kayaking with her husband, Marty, and a group of people in the Braden River. And it was during this little activity that one pissed off otter jumped out of the water and attacked her, clawing at her, and scratching her nose, ear and arms.

“I took my paddle and I tried to get him off of me and he wouldn’t let go and I kept screaming. Sue told Fox 13 News. “I kept beating him with a paddle. When you’re [in the middle of] it you don’t have a lot of thought except you hope you survive.”

“I heard someone behind me say, ‘Oh look, there’s an otter,’ then I heard somebody screaming and I realized it was my wife,” Marty Spector said. “My boat turned over and so I was in the water with a paddle, just trying to beat the otter of her back. It didn’t want to come off!”

Eventually the otter hopped off Sue and she was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. Florida Fish and Wildlife have now put a sign near the area where Spector was attacked.

So instead of sharks pulling you down underwater, perhaps we have to keep an eye on those otters. And we’re also looking at you, dolphins!

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