Dear Will Smith: 10 Jada Pinkett Smith Jokes That Are Way Funnier Than What Chris Rock Went With, Is This Better?

Dear Mr. Smith: According to jokesters on Twitter, if “Jada doesn’t like jokes about alopecia… well, that’s hair loss.” Bam. A perfect example of the ripple effect being funnier than the joke. Because in all fairness, the original joke – that undercooked roast Chris Rock trotted out at the 94th Academy Awards – was a total stinker.

You’re right, making fun of the bald is uncalled for and has never been done in public. Not to mention, going off-prompter to single out a man’s open-relationship wife is a dubious proposition at best. But let’s not forget the truly important thing here: The joke referenced a movie that’s a quarter-century old. Like WTF? Did Chris Rock just stop watching movies after Titanic?

We all know the joke was weak. But that’s what makes the effect part of the cause-effect equation even more confusing. Why snap on a cheap shot? Why break on a bald-buster? Your response went overboard. And we’re not talking Kurt Russell kidnapping an amnesiac and tricking her into being his maid overboard. We’re talking something out of the Old Boy canon overboard.

Of course, we caught your requisite apology. Kudos. It’s important to have an assistant type up a boilerplate apology and post it on your socials after the internet frowns in your direction. We think that’s great. We’re not here to play the blame game or chauffeur anyone’s guilt trip. Au contraire. We’re here for the season of healing, and to be wishful thinkers, 100 percent willing to go back to that fateful Oscar night and replace Rock’s lame zinger with something far better (or worse, depending on where you’re sitting).

So, with that in mind, we hope you like these brand new, less slap-inducing options. And if you don’t, go take it up with Chris Rock. (Oh wait, you already tried that.)

Cover Photo: David Livingston (Getty Images)